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Flou Presents Code as a Service at Webinar Bross CFUE Eps 6

Flou Presents Code as a Service at Webinar Bross CFUE Eps 6


Super Admin

Aug 04, 2022

Flou Executive Breakfast Talk Goes to Government Segment

Flou Executive Breakfast Talk Goes to Government Segment


Super Admin

Sep 22, 2022

Collaborating with the Ministry of Industry, Flou Helps StartUp Business Acceleration

Collaborating with the Ministry of Industry, Flou Helps StartUp Business Acceleration


Super Admin

Aug 11, 2022

Flou Internal Socialization

Flou Internal Socialization


Super Admin

Jun 10, 2022


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Drive Business Growth In 2024 Through Innovative Cloud Technology

By 2024, Cloud will take a significant role in business innovation with a continued focus on emerging technologies and real-time performance improvements.

Jan 18 2024

Overcome the Crisis through Implementing Disaster Recovery in Jasa Tirta SAP Applications

Disaster Recovery on Cloud enables rapid data recovery after a disaster, reducing downtime and minimizing the impact of the disruption.

Dec 13 2023

Risk Management: Maximizing the Potential of Cloud in Business

Find out how to unlock the full potential of the cloud to protect digital assets using risk management.

Nov 28 2023

What is Cloud Native and Its Advantages

Cloud Native is an approach to software development that optimally utilizes or implements cloud characteristics.

Nov 21 2023

Understanding Data Sovereignty: Protecting Limitless Information

Data sovereignty is an important aspect of data management, especially in a globalized world where data flows across national borders and is subject to various legal and regulatory requirements.

Nov 14 2023

Maximizing Business Value with Cloud Innovation

"Cloud migration is always more than just technology," says Jeff Dirks, Chief Technology and Information Officer at TrueBlue, interviewed by the McKinsey team in 2022.

Nov 13 2023

Indonesia GenAI Hackathon Finals, Participants from 4 Cities Compete for the Title of Champion

Indonesia GenAI Hackathon finals were held in Jakarta on 5 September 2023. Four teams from Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, and Makassar have made it to the final round and competed fiercely to win the title.

Sep 05 2023

Indonesia GenAI Hackathon 2023 Officially Started, Ready to Generate Generative AI-Based Innovation Ideas

Indonesia GenAI Hackathon 2023 is officially started! The first day on August 14, 2023, simultaneously in four major cities - Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, and Makassar

Aug 15 2023

ERP to Cloud Migration to Improve Energy, Resources, Manufacturing, and Infrastructure (EMI) Sector Performance

Cloud-based ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning provides a high-security level with data encryption, firewalls, and layered security.

Jul 26 2023


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