5 Strengths Using Dash Cam on Cloud for Public Transportation

Dash Cam on Cloud is a technology that involves installing cameras on vehicles and transmitting the footage captured by these cameras to cloud-based servers.

Apr 04, 2023

What is a Dash Cam on Cloud?

Dash cam on cloud refers to a technology that involves installing cameras on vehicles, such as cars, trucks, buses, and other types of transportation, and transmitting the footage captured by these cameras to cloud-based servers. Video data can be accessed and analyzed remotely through a cloud-based platform. 

The cameras used in dash cam on cloud are typically high-definition cameras that are placed at strategic locations on the vehicle, such as the front, back, and sides. They can capture video footage of the vehicle's surroundings, including road conditions, traffic, and any incidents that occur.

The footage captured by the cameras is transmitted to the cloud in real-time or stored on a local server and then uploaded to the cloud when an internet connection is available. Once the footage is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed by authorized users, such as fleet managers, transportation companies, and law enforcement agencies.

How Does It Matter for Public Transportation?

In the future, public transport may rely on advanced technology to improve safety, efficiency and the overall quality of passenger experience. The use of Dash Cam on Cloud in public transportation services brings many benefits to operators, passengers, and the general public, for various purposes, such as monitoring driver behavior, improving vehicle maintenance, and enhancing overall safety and security. As technology advances, more and more public transport services will adopt this innovative technology.

Advantage of Using Dash Cam on Cloud for Public Transportation 

There are several strengths to using dash cam on cloud for public transportation, including:

  1. Enhanced Safety: Dash cam on cloud can help improve the safety of public transportation by providing real-time monitoring of the vehicle and its passengers. Operators can monitor the vehicle and passengers remotely and detect any suspicious behavior or activity, allowing them to take prompt action to prevent accidents or incidents.

  2. Improved Operations: By monitoring the vehicle's performance, operators can identify maintenance issues, such as engine or brake problems, and address them quickly. This can reduce downtime and ensure that the vehicle is always operating at peak efficiency.

  3. Accurate Analytics : Dash cam on cloud can provide valuable data on how public transportation vehicles are being used. This data can include information on passenger numbers, route usage, and travel patterns, which can be used to optimize public transportation services and routes.

  4. Better Passenger Experience: Dash cam on cloud can enhance the overall passenger experience by providing real-time information to passengers. For example, passengers can view real-time information on their smartphones or other devices to know when their bus or train is arriving or if there are any delays.

  5. Reduced Costs : By identifying maintenance issues early, operators can reduce repair costs and improve the overall efficiency of public transportation vehicles. In addition, dash cam on cloud can help prevent accidents and incidents, which can reduce insurance and legal costs.

Leveraging IoT, Cloud, and 5G is How It Works

When using IoT cameras, the cameras can be attached to existing devices on public transport. Furthermore, the recorded video results are sent to cloud storage via its fast and stable 5G network.

The benefits of deploying IoT cameras using 5G networks are increased speed and data transmission, as well as improved signal quality and connectivity. This helps overcome obstacles in transferring video data that require high bandwidth and reasonable storage capacity.

With the help of IoT cameras connected to the Cloud via 5G networks, users have the potential to use the collected data in areas such as security, environmental monitoring and data analysis for business development. However, this should be done while respecting privacy and data protection so there’s no problems in the future. 





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