Ready to Accelerate Digitalization of the Oil and Gas Segment, Telkomsigma offers Flou and Garuda Cyber Security solutions

Flou provides education on data resilience and demographic data for the oil and gas industry through exhibits and presentations at the SKK Migas event. 

May 10, 2023

Jakarta - Telkomsigma as a B2B Digital IT Services Leader together with the Telkom Group has the opportunity to provide education on data sovereignty and data residency for the Oil & Gas Industry through exhibitions and presentations held at the SKK Migas event, Tuesday (9 /5).

This event presented 77 companies in the oil and gas sector throughout Indonesia, and collaborated with 5 other IT Solution companies including Dell, Informatics Integration Partners (MII), Indosat, Berca and Sisindokom. The theme of this event is "Digitalization of Upstream Oil and Gas with the Goal of Increasing Performance and Efficiency Using Cloud Technology and Machine Learning."

Tanto Suratno, Telkomsigma's Director of Business & Sales, and Wita Astari, Telkomsigma's VP Cloud Technology Solution, participated in this activity to socialize Telkomsigma's capability to optimize cloud services in the oil and gas segment as a solution to improve performance in supporting upstream oil and gas digitalization. Telkomsigma has prepared various innovations, including the Flou and Garuda Cyber Security products, to build a digital ecosystem that can facilitate the operational business of every company in the oil and gas sector, including data sovereignty. 

Data sovereignty is critical for a country because it can affect national security, economic independence, citizen privacy, and technological independence. This was later reinforced by laws from the Ministry of Communication and Information, as well as regulations from SKK Migas to KKKS (Cooperation Contract Contractors) in the oil and gas industry.

Through this agenda, it is hoped that Telkomsigma, through Flou, will remain committed to providing the best cloud service solutions and contribute to the realization of Telkom Group's Five Bold Moves as The Leading B2B IT Service in Indonesia.

With Flou, let us support data sovereignty in Indonesia, especially in the oil and gas industry!





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